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Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking a Project Manager to perform one or more functions that contribute to the management of a system or software project, including needs analysis, market surveying, system requirements management (assessment and tracking), project planning, resource allocation, cost & schedule projection, tracking & analysis, project tracking & oversight, subcontract management, quality assurance, configuration management (change control & configuration tracking) and asset management, and process improvement activities.  You will also be responsible for suppling timely, accurate, and relevant information to assist in making policy decisions by planning and directing technical efforts of a team.
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Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking a Senior Application Engineer that will be heavily involved with the creation, maintenance, and running of Pig analytics. The AE will also be responsible for reviewing data ingest tickets and merge requests with other developers on the team. 
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Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking a Senior Application Engineer that will review, evaluate, and document customer needs, provide software development, integration, and testing. You will work with other engineers and should also be able to work independently while ensuring proposed solutions can be integrated with current system and equipment. 
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Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking an Application Engineer to focus on Python and Cloud Development.
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Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking a Senior Data Cloud Engineer to support the modernization and transition of the security and insider threat platforms.
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Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking a Senior Application Engineer to support the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of an authoritative data source (ADS) of network devices. You will support the design, development, and management of ReST APIs, develop UIs and databases; implement best practices with regard to middleware technologies, and deploy advanced analytics and machine learning based solutions to predict data anomalies. 
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Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking a Senior Application Engineer to provide the development, testing, deployment and sustainment of various Python based ReST endpoints, microservices, and data model management capabilities, utilizing Django and Flask frameworks to interact with data models and send data upon request in JSON format to UI front ends. 
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Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking a Senior System Engineer will develop capabilities to shift from the current manual system security evaluation and authorization process to a new model that emphasizes automation, streamlined processes and approvals, continuous monitoring and assessment, and network data gathering across the entire life cycle of a project.   The System Engineer will: - Analyze functional business requirements, processes, and design specifications for IT activities - Identify, resolve, and enhance problems and/or inefficiencies within existing systems - Design implementation of new systems and participate in analysis, design, and development/construction of next generation IT systems - Understand and balance customer’s IT needs with commercially available IT products’ realities to derive requirements and system specifications
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Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking an Application Engineer that will be in support of an analytic effort built on top of the GHOSTMACHINE cloud architecture. Development efforts include the writing of Ingest parsers and NiFi translators that enrich and normalize the data, REST services to pull/push data, and metric services\processes that determine the health and status of the data flow. You will provide the development, visualization, testing, deploying, and sustainment of services using existing open source and corporate solutions.  
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  Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking a Software Engineer that will help develop a solution in full, from high-level system design and configuration to application development and data integration. You will leverage everything around you: core company products, open source technologies (e.g. GHE), and anything you and your team can build to drive real impact. In this role, you will work with customers around the globe, where you gain rare insight into the world’s most important industries and institutions.
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Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking a Senior Linux Systems Administrator to support the Architecture Team. You will also be responsible for rolling out new technology and tools to the organization to support our overall mission of implementing and sustaining Cross Domain Systems for the agency and partners.   
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Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking Program Integrators to assist individual program managers, initiative leads, and PEO leadership with monitoring and reporting on the overall health of programs, initiatives, and/or a portfolio. You will perform holistic analysis across multiple contracts and government activities to identify cost, schedule and performance concerns for a program or initiative.    The Level 3 Program Integrator (PI) shall possess the following capabilities: - Provide financial and summary reports on the program elements to GPMs at the program level and assist with the allocation and tracking of resources; recommend funding adjustments as appropriate (contract staffing, facilities, and budgets) - Assist program managers in developing program documentation (TTOs, Statements of Work (SOWs), Program Management Plans (PMPs), Risk Management Plans, program schedules, Technical CICA memorandums, and Acquisition Strategies), creating program schedules, tracking program status, evaluating operational and technical alternatives, performing risk assessment and managing integrated product teams - Provide support to GPMs to assure execution within the cost, schedule, and performance baselines. Utilize program management tools (e.g., Plan-It, MS Excel) to assist GPM with planning, documenting, executing, and reporting of all program details (e.g., spend plans), for both current year (FY) and out-years (FYDP) - Attend contract reviews to assist GPMs in conducting cost estimating and monitoring of program/initiative outcomes - Advise in the production and tailoring of NSA financial execution reports and program acquisition documentation and ensure affordable, supportable and effective program requirements are specified to meet mission needs - Provide assistance in analyzing, tracking, and reporting program unfunded requirements in accordance with PEO policies and processes - Prepare point papers, briefing charts, spreadsheets and other materials to assist in the Government in program decision-making - Perform data analysis using MS Excel with pivot tables, slicers, and pivot charts to present data clearly and effectively
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Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking Business Financial Professionals to assist in the execution of the Program’s Budget through the creation/maintenance of spend plans, requisitions and their supporting documents. You will coordinate financial data with appropriate Government officials, such as Business Financial Managers, Program Managers, Contract Managers, Contracting Officers and Contracting Specialists and will contribute to the maintenance of current resources to support the day-to-day mission activities.   The Level 1 Business Financial Professional (BFP) shall possess the following capabilities: - Assist with the validation/completion of Unliquidated Obligations (ULOs) - Assist the Government Business Contract Management Offices with conducting End of the Year activities and the completion of the Actual data calls - Enter requisitions in the agency’s financial management system that include all necessary information and documentation (PSC#, PAR, SPAT, BER#, Acq Sec# etc.) - In agency’s financial management system, prepare non-complex Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPR) and Economy Act Orders (EAO) and their associated requisitions. - Process incoming MIPRs and EAOs using standard BM&A process to ensure Agency acceptance. - Create and maintain spend plans in the Agency’s financial management system to document Government-specified requirements - Modify requisitions and associated documentation to comply with Contracting’s guidance to assist in the obligation of funds. - Assist Government Program Managers (GPMs) in tracking requirements through execution by tracking and monitoring requisitions through the approval and certification process and to the subsequent destination (either Contracting’s database or the receiving entity) - Pull financial reports/data from Agency systems such as FACTS, CMIS, EDSS, and CDW - Utilize established NSA acquisition and financial management policies, procedures, regulations and tools.
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Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking a Data Scientist to develop machine learning, data mining, statistical and graph-based algorithms to analyze and make sense of datasets; prototype or consider several algorithms and decide upon final model based on suitable performance metrics; build models or develop experiments to generate data when training or example datasets are unavailable; generate reports and visualizations that summarize datasets and provide data-driven insights to customers; partner with subject matter experts to translate manual data analysis into automated analytics; implement prototype algorithms within production frameworks for integration into analyst workflows.   The Data Scientist Skill Level 2 shall possess the following capabilities: - Develop experiments to collect data or models to simulate data when required data are unavailable - Develop feature vectors for input into machine learning algorithms - Identify the most appropriate algorithm for a given dataset and tune input and model parameters - Evaluate and validate the performance of analytics using standard techniques and metrics ( e.g., cross validation, Receiver Operating Characteristic [ROC] curves, confusion matrices) - Oversee the development of individual analytic efforts and guide team in analytic development process - Guide analytic development toward solutions that can scale to large datasets - Partner with software engineers and cloud developers to develop production analytics - Develop and train machine learning systems based on statistical analysis of data characteristics to support mission automation
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Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking a Network Traffic Analyst to conducts analysis of collection and open-source data to profile target networks and their activities. Utilizes knowledge of target technologies and digital networks and the applications on them to determine the operating posture of the network. Develops techniques to gain more target information. Applies analysis techniques against metadata collected from communications systems in order to characterize networks, and accurately report vulnerabilities identified from metadata analysis. Analysts should be technology savvy and flexible enough to rapidly shift from one data collection to another. Selects collection of data required for analysis. Basic internet research skills and an understanding of telecommunications and computer network communications fundamentals are required. Organizes resources and information in support of mission and operational requirements. Accommodates last minute requirements and has the flexibility to respond to ever-evolving quick-reaction capability requirements. Participation in Analyst-to-Analyst exchanges, seminars, conferences, or other as requested.   The Network Traffic Analyst Skill Level 2 shall possess the following capabilities: - Apply analytic techniques against metadata collected from communications systems in order to characterize networks, and to accurately report vulnerabilities identified from metadata analysis - Conducts advanced analysis of collection and open-source data to profile target networks - Apply analytic techniques to review relevant content carried in network communications - Develop techniques to gain target information
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Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking a Wireless Network Analyst/Engineer that will be responsible for performing vulnerability assessments of Wireless LAN (WLAN) networks at customer sites, and conducting thorough testing/experimentation to better identify behavioral trends of potential malicious wireless network activity. The Wireless Network Analyst/Engineer creates detection methods to identify network traffic indicating likely compromised behavior and develops techniques to enhance and automate the discovery process.   The Wireless Network Analyst/Engineer shall possess the following capabilities: - Perform assessments of WLAN networks employing advanced security - Stays abreast of new technology offerings and best practices as it relates to Wi-Fi - Apply knowledge to recommend enhancements to customer wireless networks - Assist in developing capability to identify traffic patterns and behavioral trends of potential malicious wireless network traffic - Develop, integrate, and execute test plans for wireless assessments including scripts for automation
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Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking a Computer Forensic & Intrusion Analyst  to perform in-depth forensics examinations of computers and other electronic devices to detect the presence of unknown malware in both hardware and software. The investigator will use a variety of digital forensics tools to conduct forensic examination activities including assisting in the analysis of network, computer and other devices.   The Computer Forensic & Intrusion Analyst Skill Level 2 shall possess the following capabilities: - Conducting intrusion analysis - Manage complex large data set analysis - Perform in-depth email analysis - Perform in-depth registry analysis - Conduct in-depth encryption detection and analysis - Preparing documentation and technical reports
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Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking a System Engineer to work with the development team within the Cross Domain Solutions space. The engineering team handles customer dataflow requirements and the security engineering and preparation of those requirements for the development team. You will also work with other teams within the organization to ensure that security requirements are taken into account throughout the lifecycle of a dataflow, and will assist with solving mission dataflow problems.   Responsibilities: - Develop, install, configure High Speed Guard - Designing, deploying and maintaining cross-domain solutions - System security design processes, defense-in-depth/breadth, engineering life-cycle, information domains, principles of IA (confidentiality, integrity, non-repudiation, availability, access control), and security testing - Responding to trouble calls and outages and the inherent problems of maintaining operational CDS deployments - Integrating obligations/policies to enhance the security and stabilization of CDS platforms - Identifying software bugs and shortcomings in PL4 guards - Deploying CDS to CONUS locations and working with local government personnel to complete integrations - Working within a team environment  - Communication across team, organization, and customer
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Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking a Cloud Hunt Specialist that will conduct Adversarial Pursuit activities to detect and respond to Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and adversarial network activities that evade traditional Computer Network Defense menthods within commercial cloud platforms. The Cloud Hunt Specialist will conduct hunt/vulnerability/forensic analysis on hosts, networks, systems, and cloud data repositories. 
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Bridges is expanding, and we are seeking a Senior Linux Systems Administrator with a VMware background to support the Architecture Team and be responsible for leading those VMware efforts. You will also be responsible for rolling out new technology and tools to the organization to support our overall mission of implementing and sustaining Cross Domain Systems for the agency and partners.   
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